Bean Sprout Omelette

hey pals..sorry i've been busy lately, so i dont have much time to cook. well, im tryin' to make little bit experiment about omelette..but yea i did it! the taste was really kick ass.. here it is..

Ingredients :

- 2 eggs
- Flour
- Garlic
- Red Onion
- Turmeric
- Green Onion
- Bean Sprout
- Salt
- Pepper
- Chilli
- Garlic Powder

How to cook :

Firstly, take the garlic, red union, turmeric, and chiili. Clean them up then pound them together. after they already mix together and become a spice, you can smell the taste of the garlic combined with turmeric.
Secondly, take the green onion and bean sprout. Cut the green onion with tiny shape and clean it with the bean sprout. Take the eggs, put the spice that already been pound, put the green onion, bean sprout, pepper, and salt then mix it together. After that put the flour and the garlic powder and mix it again until they combine together and beome a dough.
Heat the oil in the fryingpan, and put the dough into it. cook it and flip it slowly, if the omelette already change it colour into gold that mean it is already ripe. take it and put it in the plate. Bean sprout omelette is ready to serve..


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