Honey Cheese Prata

Ingredients :

- Prata
- Honey
- Cheese
- Oil
- Butter

How to cook :

First of all, take the prata from the freezer and then put in the table around 1 minutes while heat the oil in the fryingpan. After that, put the prata in the fryingpan when the oil is already heat and fry it around 2 minutes until the prata change the colour into brown gold.
Take the prata from the fryingpan and stir it then put in the plate. Put the butter in the prata, grate the cheese on top of the prata with the grater, then put in the microwave for 1 minutes. Take out the prata from the microwave, you can see the cheese is melt in the prata, and then the final touch put the honey on top of the prata, then spread it. Honey cheese prata is ready to serve.


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