Chicken Mushroom with Salted Egg Spices

hello pals.. it's been a long time i didn't post a new menu. well, once again i've been kind a busy with my band and last week i got fever, so yeah i didn't have time to cook. well, today i'm in my girlfriend's house and yeah she want me to cook something, while i was cooking, she started capturing the food and walaah.. i made a my own recipe using salted egg, chicken and mushroom. well, here it is..

Ingredients :

- Salted Egg
- Fillet Chicken
- Mushroom
- Onion
- Flour
- Butter
- Royco Powder
- Olive oil

How to cook :

First of all, cut the fillet chicken into long shape and mushroom into a tiny shape. then put them together to the flour and mix it. heat the olive oil in the fryingpan and put the fillet chicken and mushroom, fry it until they cook well. and put it in the plate.
Cut the onion into a tiny shape, heat the butter on the fryingpan and put the onion then fry it. if you see the onion is well done, put the salted egg, but only just the yellow part. then fry it again. you can smell the aroma of the salted egg mix with the butter then put the fillet chicken and mushroom, fry it until they mix together and add a little bit royco powder then fry it for about 1 minutes.

Last part, take the food from the fryingpan, serve with hot rice. well, chicken mushroom with salted egg spices is ready to serve


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  1. ini sepertinya enak bay.. nanti saya coba bikin, hahahaha