Soy Souce Tofu & Tempeh

Ingredients :

- Tofu
- Tempeh
- Soy Souce
- Garlic Powder
- Pepper Powder
- Sesame
- Cabbage
- Carrot
- Oyster Sauce
- Soy Souce
- Salty soy souce
- Parsley
- Butter
- Water

How to cook :
First of all, heat the butter in the fryingpan and cut the tofu and tempeh into dice shape and cut the carrot into tiny shape. Put the carrot, tofu, and tempeh on it. Fry it until change it colour, then put the garlic powder (sufficient), pepper powder (sufficient), and the cabbage to the frying pan, cook it until half done.
Put the soy souce, salty soy souce, and oyster sauce on top of the food, and pour a little bit water to make the spice soak into the food. taste it, if the taste is already good, final touch put the parsley and the sesame into the food, then mix it. Take the food from the frying pan to the plate, soy souce tofu & tempeh is ready to serve.


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