Orange Punch Brainfreeze

Do you know drink in 7/11 called slurpies? well, i'm tryin make one of those drinks and it's good to drink that especially we live in this "cold" country. well, here it is..

Ingredients :

- 1 sachet of nutrisari orange drink
- 1 orange fruit
- marjan fruit punch sirup
- 2 bricks of ice
- 1/4 glass of water

How to make :

Put 1 sachet of nutrisari orange drink and orange fruit in the blender, blend it. after the orange fruit and nutrisari already mix, put 2 tablespoon of marjan fruit punch sirup, 2 bricks of ice, 1/4 glass of water and blend it again, until it combine together.

after 1 minute, take the blender from the blender machine, and put it in the glass. Orange punch brainfreeze is ready to serve.


1 comment:

  1. sepertinya segar sekali meminum ini dikala panas mendera :)