Fried Curry Noddle

Ingredients :

- Indomie Curry Instant
- Curry Powder
- Garlic Powder
- Pepper Powder
- Chilli Powder
- Carrot
- Cabbage
- Butter
- Soy Souce
- Parsley
- Sesame
- Honey

How to cook :

First of all, boil the noddle in the hot water until the noddle is ripe while cut the carrot and cabbage like the way we want it to be. Take out the noddle and put in the plate, Heat the butter in the fryingpan then put the carrot, fry until the carrot change it colour, put the cabbage, garlic powder (Sufficient) and fry it until rare.
Put the noddle to the fryingpan, curry powder (sufficient), pepper powder (sufficient), chilli powder (sufficient), and the noddle spices. Fry it until it ripe and then put the soy souce and fry it.
Final touch, if all the cook already ripe in the fryingpan, put the sesame and take the honey in the one tablespoon then put it the in the noddle and fry it again. you can smell the aroma of the food. take it and put it the big plate, then take the parsley and spread it on top of the fried noddle. Fried curry noddle is ready to serve.


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